Pro/Am Team

Please find below the list of pro and amateur Whitsunday Martial Art fighters.

Cameron-Mead-150x150 Cameron Mead
17 Years of age
Standing at 6ft 4
Weighing in at 80kgs
Cameron is one of the youngest fighting members of Whitsunday Martial Arts. after only 18months has had 1 amateur fight and 1 exhibition. He is and extremely good fighter who is difficult to come in on due to his long range and quick footwork. He is a quick learner who has gone from strength to strength and continues to improve his conditioning as well as his hand speed and power. Definitely someone to watch out for.


Header-Photo-22-150x150 Alice “Jack Hammer” Fraser
23 Years of age
Standing at 5ft 1
Weighing in at 51kgs
Alice is a determined fighter having had one exhibition fight. She is a quick learner with a strong mental attitude and top physical strength.


Jake Algie
17 years of age
Standing at 6ft 1
Weighing in at 68.5kgs
Jake maybe light but can pack one hell of a punch, the speed of which he throws his punches and the power behind them makes him one dangerous fighter. He started training a year ago and has so far had 1 fight, it was a difficult fight against a heavier opponent but Jake fought with skill beyond his age and experience he came out of the ring disappointed with the result but with a hunger for more. After having a taste of the ring there is No stopping him now.


Shaun “The Scrub Bull” Taylor
19 Years of age
Standing at 6ft 2
Weighing in at 65kgs
Shaun is an MMA fighter with a record of now 1-0 he is off to a strong start of what looks to be a promising career with a love for the ground work and submission wrestling. He is another rising star and someone to watch out for in the future.